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Restoration 1 of Greater Memphis

7641 Englewood Dr, Lincoln, NE 68510, USA

Restoration 1 of Greater Memphis has worked tirelessly to build a fantastic reputation throughout the community. Today, we happily offer water, fire, and mold damage restoration services. That’s not

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Amarla Boutique Hotel Cartagena

Address : Calle Ayos #4 – 29, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, 130001 ColombiaA boutique hotel in Cartagena, with beautiful rooftop pool, located inside the old walled city of Carta

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C.I.J. LLC:Junk/Rubbish Removal of Long Island in Nassau/Suffolk County NY

For the last 5 years we have been located on Long Island and servicing Nassau county as well as Suffolk county communities. We are a family owned company that prides itself on changing how Rubbish/Jun

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EATEL Business

One Reliable LOCAL Source. Many Scalable Business Solutions for YOUR Business Needs.Website:www.eatelbusiness.com/contact-usServices: EATEL, TV, Internet, phone & home security servi

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Whale watching BC | Bear Watching in Canada

Eagle Eye Adventures is the most reliable Adventure Tour Companies provides Great Bear Rainforest Tours in Canada. We provide vacation adventure tours and great bear rainforest tours. We provide compl

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Standard Surgical Gown

This disposable standard surgical gown is mainly used for medical operation and treatment of patients. It is manufactured by high quality non-woven fabrics, so it is has features of comfortable, soft,

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Reinforced Surgical Gown

The sterile hospital reinforced surgical gown is a long loose piece of clothing worn by surgeons during medical operation and treatment of patients. It usually made by high quality non woven fabric wh

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Hospital Patient Gown

Our hospital patient gowns is specially designed for the patients which is the most conventional medical appare. It is made by SMS which is soft, comfortable and breathable for patients dressing. Thes

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Biodegradable Disposable Hospital Gowns

A new type of wood pulp non-woven fabric is extremely attractive due to its cloth-like texture and softness, advanced splash-resistant barrier gives you both breathability and great protection. Hospit

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Disposable Medical Bed Sheet | Medical Absorbent Sheet Suppliers

This medical non-woven bed sheet consists of 2 ply (1 ply hydrophilic PP with 1ply PE film) which are laminated to each other by hot-melt technique, so this consumable hospital bed sheet combine the f

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Hospital 2 Ply Bed Sheets | Absorbant Hospital Bed Sheets For Sal

This disposable absorbant hospital bed sheet is made of combination of 2 ply tissue (1 ply absrobant viscose with 1 ply PE film coated) which has a high level strength as well as the ability to absorb

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Bed Sheet Medical SMS | Hospital Bed Sheets Didsposable Wholesale

This medical SMS bed sheet is a type of disposable non woven bed sheet. It is a ideal choice for any type of stretcher or patient bed, and medical table. This includes disposable hospital bed sheet fo

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Hospital Bed Fitted Bottom Sheet | Disposable Waterproof Bed Sheet For Sale

Disposable Nonwoven fitted bed sheet is one of the most popular items applied in the hospitals and clinics. SMS with PE coated film as material for the the hospital bed sheet has the features of soft

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Hospital disposable sheets | Disposable Non-woven Bed Sheet Manufacturers

PP Non-woven Hospital Disposable Sheets with low price is widely used in hospital and clinic for patients. It is soft, cheap, and has enough strength against breaking, tearing, and super comfort prope

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Hospital bed sheets with PLA fiber | Biodegradable PLA Bed Sheet Supplier

Disposable PLA Biodegradable Hospital Bed Sheet is made by PLA material. This type nonwoven PLA bed sheet has the features of anti-bacterial, excellent skin contact without allergy and excellent air b

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Hospital SMS Disposable mattress cover.jpg
Hospital SMS non-woven bed cover | Hospital mattress cover supplier

Disposable Medical Bed Cover is made of non-woven fabric, it is disposable and sterilized, reduces the risk of cross-infection effectively. This medical bed cover sheet has the features of soft, econo

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PP Non-woven Disposable Sheets | Hospital Mattress Cover Manufacturers

This hospital mattress cover is made of high quality non woven material PP, which has the features of soft, economic, latex free and breathable. This disposable bed cover also has enough strength agai

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PP Nonwoven Disposable Bed Cover with PE  film.jpg
Disposable Hospital Bed Cover | Medical Bed Cover Professional Manufactures

This disposable medical nonwoven bed cover for hospital is completely impervious fluid and alcohol repellent, it also latex and abrasion-resistant. There are a range of different types of consumable b

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