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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles & Transport Van

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Advantage Limo has been operating in the road transport market for over 20 years. We have accumulated vast experience and know all the slightest nuances of all types of transportation. During this time we took a million trips and transported a huge number of passengers. We received many pleasant reviews and excellent feedback. For us, this is an incentive to work and expand the boundaries of our business.
Transportation of passengers in wheelchairs is a responsible business that requires the highest level of safety. We guarantee a high level of service, a delicate approach, as well as loyal prices. The distance, time of year, weather outside, distance from the city center and even remote parts of the state will not affect the level of our service.
Wheelchair accessible limousine service allows individuals who are wheelchair bound to travel in comfort. Not only that but also they know that they are safe all throughout the trip. Placing a wheelchair in an ordinary limousine takes a lot of time and effort. Not only that, it places the person at risk of an injury when something bad happens along the way.
There are some individuals who can still drive even if they are wheelchair-bound. However, there are others that require a driver to get around New York City. If you belong to the latter group, then the best mode of transportation is a special limousine service.
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