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Wheelchair Accessible Taxi & Van Transportation

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Advantage Limo is committed to providing you with the best car you need, as well as providing the driver with the highest level of professionalism. One of the main directions in our business is the transportation of passengers in wheelchairs. We provide not only transportation services, but also convenience and support. We fully meet all your expectations.
There are patients who want to be discharged early from the hospital but still need to see the doctor on a regular basis. They can hire a wheelchair accessible limo to go back home, and come for their regular checkups. There’s no need to stay in the hospital and add to the medical expenses.
Wheelchair accessible limousine service is also recommended for patients who require physical therapy. More often than not, they miss their appointments because they don’t like traveling to and from the therapy center. Now they can travel in comfort and luxury with a limousine service. Continuous therapy will ensure faster recovery, and able to get back to their normal lifestyle.
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Staten Island, NY 10304

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