Vertex Roofing

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The roof over your head is an integral part of your home or commercial building, protecting and providing comfort for the occupants and belongings within. Whether you need roof maintenance, roof repairs, or roof replacement in Salt Lake City, Vertex Roofing offers the roofing services you need. Our roofing company has been providing comprehensive home and commercial roof repair for over 15 years; call us today at (801) 870-0124 or contact us online for a free quote.

Vertex Roofing is committed to providing outstanding and dependable service. Our Utah roofing contractors are so passionate about quality workmanship that we offer a full 50-year warranty on every residential project we complete. If you are looking for a roof that will last, rely on Vertex Roofing. We provide residential roofing and commercial roofing in the Salt Lake Area.

Along with our 50-year warranty, Vertex Roofing offers a customer service guarantee and quick repairs. Our Utah roofing contractors will answer your calls no matter the season. We understand that roofing emergencies can happen at any time, and you shouldn’t have to wait for help. We can offer you a roof repair quote within 24 hours. If you need a roof repaired in Salt Lake City, call us today!