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Security Entrance and Front Doors for House

Shore Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11234, USA
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2184 Mill Ave, suite 244B
Brooklyn, NY 11234

Multilevel security system. The multi-level protection system developed by the designers of the company provides a high level of the entrance doors security. During the tests in a special laboratory, the doors showed excellent results. Their design withstood the impact of force of a cargo weighing 1000 kg.

The optimum thickness of the steel in the entrance doors ensures a high level of resistance to breaking and reduces the load on the door hinges and doorway. The absence of welds in the seamless door leaf prevents access to the locks by tearing off the metal sheet at the welding places. Thanks to the use of bent profiles, the closed door leaf is located in a single plane with the box that increases the resistance to burglary.

The lock system of the doors reliably protects the front door against burglary. Installation of locks of various types (lever and cylinder) increases the door reliability. Deviators provide additional locking points, increasing the breaking resistance of the door. Mortise armored patches are used to protect cylinder locks. They are made of hardened steel with a high degree of protection against burglary.

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