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PRP For Hair Loss

4446 Herkimer Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11216, USA
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If you suffer from baldness or thinning hair we offer hair prp solution to stimulate the growth of new hair in men and women of all ages. Platelet rich plasma therapy is an alternative procedure to transplant. PRP is a non-surgical hair restoration procedure that offers many benefits because the results are attractive and permanent.
Platelet rich plasma is a concentrated form of your own platelets, obtained from your blood. It is delivered right at the hair root to the stem cells of the hair in the process of miniaturization.
In combination with medical treatment in the form of lotions or foams and oral medications including dietary supplements , PRP injections boosts re-growth and restores much more hair than was thought possible before its usage.
Integrative Wellness NY specializes in a variety of treatments with a holistic approach to reach peak health and sustainable wellness. Our professionals are experts in Ozone Therapy, IV Vitamin Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma, Aesthetics, and Laser Hair Removal. We are certified Aesthetics and Integrative Medicine specialists in Brooklyn, NY.
1225 Dean St
Brooklyn, NY
Thread lift IV therapy Vitamin C Drip Thyroid treatment Thyroid Medication PRP For Hair Loss

IV therapy PRP For Hair Loss Thread lift Thyroid Medication Thyroid treatment Vitamin C Drip

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