Modelworks Direct

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Modelworks Direct Fabricates custom built models from scratch. These models consist of Custom Ship Models, Custom Car Models, ,Aircraft Models and more. These models are built for branding, commercial use, gifting and serious collectors. These models are different from Plastic Model Kits. Unlike model kits which are fabricated with a small variety of options, Modelworks builds their models from custom photos and descriptions. Each model can be fabricated in 100 different ways. The wheels, tires and accessories of each model can fabricated exactly to the customers requirements. Models can be built in any size. The only limitation is the shipping size limitation and customers budget. Models sizes start at 6 inch and can be fabricated up to 10 feet or larger. . The models can be used for museum displays, project prototypes, samples and more.

Modelworks fabricates Large Aircraft models, Ship models, Custom Car models, Architecture, Conceptual Designs and more. They spend an average of 400 to 500 hours per model. These models are fabricated by 4 person build teams. Each Team member has between 10 to 15 years of experience. The entire team has 40 to 50 years of combined experience. Modelworks can build any model from your photo, description or sketch. Visit 1-844-8MODELS.COM