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Lithotomy Surgical Drapes

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1. T- Drape, 60 in. x 30 in. x 75 in.

2. 3 in. x 6 in. perineal fenestration.

3. Fabric reinforcement.

4. Tube holders.

Name Lithotomy Drapes
Category Lithotomy
Procedure Type General
Drape Type T-Drape
Fenestration Type One 3 x 6 in. Perineal
Fabric SMS
Fabric Weight Standard
Line Control System Yes

For the full range of laparoscopic and perineal procedures, we’ve got you covered. MedPurest offers a comprehensive selection of

individual drapes and surgical packs, uniquely designed for the special needs of lithotomy and laparoscopy procedures.

Our drapes offer ease of application and optimal liquid control. MedPurest drapes are design to give you and your patients one less

worry with:

1. Maximum Rating for flame resistance.

2. Fabric reinforcement to control fluid run-off.

3. Low lint generation to reduce the risk of airborne bacterial transmission.

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