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IV Therapy & Vitamin C Drip

Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA
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Everybody knows that getting the proper amounts of daily vitamins and minerals is important. Most people can get all of the vitamins and minerals they need with a proper and healthy diet and some are preferred an alternative iv vitamin therapies and iv drips offered in our clinic. Certain conditions, however, may warrant a more intensive medical approach.
There is growing evidence that supports the IV infusion of vitamins as a viable alternative therapy for a variety of conditions including hormonal imbalance. At Integrative Wellness NY, we aim to provide IV infusions and various types of iv therapies for a variety of conditions.
Critics may argue that such vitamin infusions are not necessary because a person can get all of the nutrients they need to stay healthy with food. This is true in most respects, and most professionals agree that an already healthy person who is eating a proper diet will probably not receive much benefit from an intravenous infusion of additional vitamins.
People who seem to catch viruses and develop bacterial infections often can benefit greatly from IV therapy for immune system. This IV therapy delivers a combination of vitamins and nutrients that have been proven to boost the human immune system, including vitamin C, glutathione, other amino acids, and a variety of other immune-boosting vitamins and minerals.
Vitamin C at these concentrations prove toxic to cancer cells but leave regular cells healthier than they were before.
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