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iBiz is a Digital Business Cards & Pages that is smart, elegant & affordable.
We offer Perfect Solution
Gone are the days when spreading a business worldwide had been a great ordeal. Now online market has made its own place in the global village. Everyone likes to be on line and wants everything under the one touch of his finger.
If you are still thinking about the old, costly and freaky way for the advertisement of your business, perhaps you are living in the Stone Age.
This world is a world of magic. A magic of touch. Mobile industry has been flourishing day and night and who knows what is the next?
Keep your business easy going and let your customer feel you are with them everywhere. Everywhere, to help them in their daily needs.
These days, simple web for the business would not work. This is a world of smart phones and every one carries them in his pocket. It is just like carrying a whole world in someone’s handbag. Is your business in everyone’s bag?
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