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Garage Door Repair & Installation Jericho

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DuraGreen TM garage doors look, feel and even sound like wood, because they are made of wood: 81% Douglas-fir, to be precise. Genie® recycles unused Douglas-fir from mills and fuses it with exterior grade resins and wax to form a hard-working homogenous door panel. DuraGreen TM garage doors resist splitting, warping and cracking, unlike conventional wood doors, and they won’t dent or bend like steel doors. They’re easy to install and they come prepped for painting, eliminating the need for exterior priming.
Garage Opener The ChainLift® provides value and reliability for those who desire a quiet, easy to install, and long-lasting opener. Safety: Comprehensive Safe-T-Beam® system meets or exceeds all UL, state, federal and CSA regulations, and incorporates an auto reversing system and diagnostics.
Test your opener every month to make sure it’s working properly. If you have children, check that its reverse function by this simple test: lay a 2×4 flat on the ground, and use your remote to close the door. The door should reverse as soon as it hits the piece of wood.
You can also do what’s called a force setting test by holding the bottom of the door as it closes, which should force it to reverse. If neither of these tests succeeds, call Garage Door Repair & Installation Jericho for an adjustment.
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